Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am a Disney addict. I spent almost a year planning out this trip and the minute I got home, I got on the computer to check out prices for the next time. I'm insane - I know.

Each time we go it is different. (Our spoiled children have been there 4 times in 3 years.) We try new places to eat. We ride different rides and see different shows. We now know the things we avoid to streamline our days.

So, for the next few times I write, I am going to review our trip. That will help me decompress...and get me excited for next time.

This year, with all of the military discounts going on, we decided to splurge and stay at a deluxe resort. We picked The Animal Kingdom Lodge (over the one I wanted which was The Wilderness Lodge...maybe next time!)

For previous trips we've stayed at a value resort (All-Star Movies) and a moderate (Port Orleans Riverside). Being at a deluxe was a big step up! Inside halls, elevators, a great pool, a fitness center, a balcony, and a total luxurious feel. It was very nice.

The lobby was impressive. African music was playing and the smell of a nice wood burning fire filled the large room. We found a hidden Mickey on one of the chandeliers. Can you find it?

Here is the view out of our window. It was very relaxing to sit on the balcony and watch all of the animals doing their thing!

We'd love to stay here again someday. But there are so many other great places to stay! Plus, there is one downside to this resort - it is very far away from all of the parks (except Animal Kingdom) so traveling on buses to get everywhere seemed to take a long time.

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