Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 427 - The Big Day

Today is the big day. Chris is driving his last few hours as I write this. Pretty soon, all will be right with the world again...well, at least some things.

This has been quite the weird week. Chris' Dad was in the hospital all week. I'm so glad that Chris was there to help with that. His Dad is home now, and hopefully is getting back up to speed.

Then there is me. I've had blood drawn this week for my mysterious ailments. My hands are in so much pain I can't even open a bottle of water. Today is day 5 of that. It makes me a little nervous to be leaving on a vacation knowing that I'm not right, but Disney is now or never. It will be a good distraction, and maybe even a cure.

Then there is the issue of my new glasses. On Monday when I picked them up and put them on and could tell right away that they weren't right. The nice lady at the office said to give my eyes some time to adjust. After a few hours, I called again...and said again that I'm not sure that they are right. She said to give it a couple of days. So today, day 4, I still couldn't see. I called again and insisted that I come in to get rechecked. Another nice lady put me on hold, checked my file, and told me that yes, there was a mistake and they would reorder my glasses in the right prescription. After fuming about that for a bit, I decided to cancel the order, return the original ones and get my $400 back. My eyes are happy back in my old glasses.

Chris is getting here just in time.


  1. Oh my:) So glad he's coming home!!
    Excited for you, I am.
    Hope your hands feel better and glasses trouble gets fixed soon!

  2. I'm so happy for you guys! Have a great trip.