Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 399 - Spring Break

Spring break this year is 12 days. I think "they" are trying to kill me! These kids need to be in school learning (i.e. out of my hair!)

We killed many days at Grandma's and Grandpa's where we met up with Chris. We kept them busy with fishing, wii time, a (short) trip to a museum, playing outside, eating out, and all of the fun Easter stuff like the egg hunt and decorating eggs.

sick Elise

lego addict Luke

fancy girl Maria

Today, Elise went to day care so I took Luke and Maria to a place for big kid fun. For $25 bucks each we got 5 hours of go-karts, bumper cars, laser tag, frog hopper rides, and got to eat as much food as we could at an awesome buffet.

The kids and I had the most fun with the laser tag. For the first round, we were all on the same team and slowly figured out how to play. Eventually we got the hang of it. In later rounds the kids and I were on different teams making it a fierce competition. It is 5 minutes of total adrenaline.

The best thing about today was seeing Luke smile. Those are few and far between, but he had an awesome time today, even though it was just with mom.

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