Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 417 - My Day Off

Today is Monday! No kids! Did I sit around watching soap operas and eating bon-bons. Ha!

I kicked butt today though.

After doing a sort through all of the baby's clothes and Maria's old clothes (which meant emptying numerous bins and drawers) I ended up with a huge pile of clothes tagged and boxed for the garage sale, a huge pile for the donation center, and nice organized drawers full of size 18 - 24 month clothes. I rewarded myself with a nice uninterrupted shower. (I get one a week.)

Then I went to Walmart (grrr) to order some cheap prescription sunglasses.
Then I went to Panera Bread - bean soup.
Then I went to Kohl's. How does that place make any $? I spent $25 and saved $50. Weird.
Then I went to Target and found a fun white flowing skirt...perfect for a tropical cruise!
Then I went to Payless to take back a pair of shoes for the baby's (fat) feet.
Then I went to the grocery store and the pharmacy. Gotta have food and pills!
Then I mowed (most of) the grass. I didn't have time for the back yard, but the front looks good.
Then I picked up the kids from the bus stop and day care.
Then I cooked steak and rice for dinner. (The kids ate it all up!)
Then I took everyone out for a mile walk.
Then I did the dishes, cleaned up the toys, gave the baby a bath, read everyone's library books and reading homework, made sure everyone brushed their teeth, sang lullabies, read bedtime stories, gave back scratches, and tucked everyone in.
Then for some crazy reason...I decided to start making cinnamon rolls from scratch.

So, that was my day off. I think I might have worn myself out.


  1. Whoa. You're gonna need a day off from your day off...

  2. Wow! What a day:)
    Hate Wally-world, Love Panera (their Italian combo sandwich if my fav).
    Like Kohl's, Love Target! Sounds like a find! I need one! :)
    The mile walk sounds lovely. I love walking.
    The from-scratch cinnamon rolls? Delish, and we made some the other night (I made the dough and my brother did the rest) but we rarely make them because they're :) And it's dessert. Who isn't trying to cut back on that d-word? ;)

    Just so ya know, I'm not a random
    blog-hopper, but actually a follower of yours:)