Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 408 - The Last Visit

Chris flew in yesterday morning for his last visit. We went out for breakfast, worked around the house, went grocery shopping, and then decided we wanted to go out to a fancy dinner.

We took Luke and Maria to the gym for a Kid's Night Out, and had our neighbor come over to watch the baby.

Table for 2 please.

Candle on the table, river flowing right outside the window - a perfect setting.

2 glasses of wine for me - $14... I could buy at least 2 bottles of wine for that...

The food was yummy - I ate it all. Creme brulee for dessert - one of my favs.

Our next fancy 2 weeks at DisneyWorld. We are THAT close!!


  1. AWWW, yay.

    yay for a romantic dinner for two.

    and yay for Disneyworld being only 2 weeks away!!!

  2. You know what...I screwed that up because I'm over excited. It's really 3 weeks.