Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 365 - A Year Has Come and Gone

It's hard to believe that a year has come and gone already. To me, it now seems like a blink of an eye, but to the kids it must feel like an eternity. A year is more than 1/2 of Elise's whole life, and 1/5 of Maria's.

But we are still here, still standing, still functioning.

There are so many things that have helped me get through this past year without too much misery. So, I made a list - one of my favorite things to do. (Insert drum roll...)

#5 The Computer - This little piece of gear has kept me connected to the outside world for the past year. It's been a good addiction, I mean, distraction. Having cyber-friends is a good thing.

# 4 The Extras - I've been fortunate to get to have Elise go to day care once a week. That gave me a day to get things done, like grocery shop, go to the doctor/dentist, or splurge and take a nap. Elise is also benefiting by being in a structured social setting. The other extra (best thing ever) is our cleaning lady. Although, within 24 hours there is not much evidence that she's been here, I do appreciate not having to clean toilets. I'm too spoiled now...will Chris be able to take over the duties?

#3 The Family - Always willing and able to babysitting even though they live hours away.

#2 The Kids - Life would be pretty boring without them. Who needs sleeping in anyways?

#1 The Gym - Biggest savior ever. Going there and beating out my frustrations, spending time on me, and being able to talk to real live grown's a wonder I didn't live there. Plus, there is a hot tub. And showers...ones where I don't have little people trying to interrupt me.

2 more months of this. Thankfully Chris' visits are more frequent now and the weather is starting to break. Hibernation season is almost over! Then life can get back to "normal."


  1. I think you've done an amazing job of pulling you and your family through this deployment. I have huge amounts of respect for you.

  2. You have been so resilient throughout this year. Now, let me warn you that your life will flit by fast, just like this past year. We were amazed when each of our kids hit those "milestone" years, "Oh, I can't believe he/she is already 1...5...10...13...16...18.' And, "Can you believe he/she graduated from getting having our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grandchild, is turning 21...25...29...30???...and this coming weekend, our son will turn 35. I am at a loss for words as to how fast it will go, and I know that I sound like my mother (and dad) did as they watched time fly by. Now, my parents are nearly 85, and a few years ago they told me they feel like they are missing about 30 years someplace. I guess I'm just trying to say, you have done a great job keeping your head on straight and your kids, too, allowing Chris to do what he had to do. You are great at celebrating, I've been part of things you have organized, including St. Patrick's Day Potato luncheon. Continue to celebrate everything and anything, I am thrilled Chris will be back soon and you will be a complete family again. <3