Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 383 - I'll Figure it out Later - Whew!

I'm behind. Way. Behind.

Things have been beyond busy.

Mostly, I have been busy being the "co-chair" of the school carnival (which was yesterday, which is why I have time today to actually write a bit here.)

"Co-chair" is how to passive-aggressively say, I did way more than 50%.

"Co-chair" also means I don't have any power and couldn't do anything other than "this is the way we've always done it."

"Co-chair" means you "get" to do everything the other person doesn't want to.

"Co-chair" means you have to communicate with another person over every little decision, yet it is extremely hard because they don't return your calls or e-mails for weeks.

So, "co-chair" was a pretty sucky job.

And it shouldn't have been, because the school carnival is such an iconic part of my childhood. (Except for that year that I missed it since I had the chicken pox.)

So, for anyone that has been around me the last few weeks - I'm sorry that I complained about every last detail of carnival hell. I have not been pleasant. (Plus, I've had strep throat.)

I'd like to find my smile again in the near future.

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