Sunday, March 21, 2010

Days 380 & 381 - Weekend

We bought Chris a plane ticket so he could come home this weekend. (Do you know it costs $25 a bag on United Airlines? Insane! You'd think you'd give a guy with a sea bag a deal...)

He came especially for the kid's Odyssey of the Mind performance. Glad he saw it because the kids did a fantastic job - the best they've ever done. It was months of work boiled down to a 5 minute performance. I am now free of any after school obligations!! Yippee!!

The OM problem this year was "Surprise Party." The group had to give a surprise party for something that doesn't usually have one. Then they had to give that person 3 gifts that fit the type of party. They also had to make noisemakers and a song.

Luke and Maria's group were things in a closet. Luke was a pair of pants. Other kids were things like shirts, underwear, socks, and shoes. Maria was a dog, and a little girl was a cat.

After the pants get scratched by the cat (because of a dog chasing it), the other members of the closet throw it a surprise party for getting worn for the first time. They gave the pants a belt, a patch, and an iron. The noise makers were made from hangers, buttons, and safety pins. The kids had to do everything themselves, from brainstorming the idea, writing the dialog, making the costumes, and background, and then of course, performing it. Well done everyone!

So, back to Chris being home.

This weekend, because he was home, I got out of:

changing at least 2 dirty diapers
plunging one toilet
changing one light bulb
taking out batteries out of an annoying toy
folding 1/2 of the laundry
some dishes

However, I did miss my chance to sleep in, and take a long shower. I will have to wait until next weekend I guess. That's when he will be flying back again. (I hope he brings carry-on luggage this time!)

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