Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 366 - 368 - The Weekend

Chris wanted to come home this weekend for our anniversary even though it was an 8 hour drive on Friday and an 8 hour drive back on Sunday. So it was short and sweet, but totally worth it.

First he brought me chocolate covered strawberries. They were for sure plumped up with steroids...look at these crazy things. They took about 4 bites each to devour. But they were perfect.

Then he played with the kids. Helicopter time with Luke and girly time with Maria.

My favorite part of the weekend was our annual trip to the Melting Pot. I never get tired of that place, even though I still have to cook my own food. At least I don't have to do the dishes there.

After Chris left on Sunday, Luke lost his other front tooth. Now he talkth hilariouthly. Not an "s" sound to be made.

Today I took the kids to a local museum which was a lot of fun. (I'm glad I forgot my camera, because both of them were having serious bad hair days.) Luke reads everything now, so he soaks up so much more than he used to. We get to take our time now because of that.

So that was our weekend, plus one. Back to the grind tomorrow.

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  1. I've been sort of obsessed with chocolate covered strawberries lately. I eat them every day.

    He drove 16 hours to see you, how sweet!!!