Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 223 - The Breaking Point

I had a feeling today was going to be one of those days.

First off, we spent 2 hours at the doctors office. All for him to take the bandage off. (Okay, they did take some pictures and tell me everything looked good...) but seriously - 2 hours. A handful of Dum-Dums only partially made me feel better.

Here is what Elise looks like today:

Next, I got a jury duty notice in the mailbox. Instant stress. I figured I would be excused...but it was just one more thing to do. Add it to the long, long neglected list. But, I got right on this one...I didn't want to risk a trip to jail or anything.

I sent off my e-mail explaining my excuse figuring I'd have to find Chris' orders and fax things over to them, again...stress, tears, and stress.

And then the epiphany of truffles occured. Chris sent these to me for my birthday and I ate them- all of them. (What difference does it make if I eat them all at once, or over a period of a month...they are all going to end up in the same place.)

I got back on the computer, and received my "thank you for your service to our country" type of excuse from jury duty with no strings attached, no extra work, no faxes...and life was good again.


  1. I'm glad it all worked out. Plus, you got to eat yummy chocolates from your sweetie :)

  2. Lady, I would have eaten them all at the same time too, with a side of peanut butter.

    Awesome that you got out of Jury Duty.