Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Days 235 & 236 - Running Together

This has been the LONGEST week. Is it seriously only Wednesday?

Sunday - coughs all around
Monday - Luke (fever), Maria (fine), Elise (OK)
Tuesday - Luke (fever), Maria (fine), Elise (fever)
Today - Luke (better), Maria (fine), Elise (fever, then better)

Cancelled - personal training session, tennis, and cleaning lady (didn't want to get her sick!)

Missed - school (3 days) for Luke, Odyssey of the Mind (Luke & Maria), Halloween party (Luke)
Maria's Halloween party (Me - bad room-mom!), SLEEP (ME!!)

But, we made some things work. My neighbor took Maria to the Halloween party at the gym last night. She was happy to get away from all of the sick people. And Luke was so sick he didn't care that he was missing it. Thanks Melissa! (Melissa gets another round of thanks for the soup and movie return!)

Maria got another surprise this morning when one of her best friend's mom showed up to give her a ride to school. (We missed the bus...and I didn't want to haul everyone into town with me.)
Thanks Sarah!

Later this evening since the kids were feeling up for it, we did some neighborhood "booing". We rang doorbells of 2 of our neighbors and left them yummy goodies.

I think tomorrow all goes back to normal. The flu has left the building. Let's hope!

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  1. Dude, you have a cleaning lady? Are you kidding me?

    Boooooooooooo for the flu. I feel ya there. Poor kids. Poor Mama. That dang flu, its horrible. I hope everyone is feeling 100% by the time Halloween rolls around. Also, so cute that you took goodie packages to the neighbors.