Saturday, October 10, 2009

Days 216 & 217 - Luke's Happy Birthday?

Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios where I found my new favorite ride:

This one was so fun...totally worth the longest line of the week. I ended up riding it 3 times with some strategic fast pass action.

I almost caught Luke with a smile on this shot. He gets stubborn when the camera comes out.

Thursday was his 7th birthday. He got in a lot of rides...the park was very empty (because it was almost 100 degrees!) But the heat didn't slow us down.

Of all the food eaten throughout the week...these were the best. Especially the one on the right. It is a pineapple juice float made with pineapple ice cream. Unbelievable. So good, I ate 3 of them this week. (The Disney Detox/Diet starts tomorrow.)

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