Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 225 & 226 - 20th Reunion

This weekend I spent with the Class of 1989. Totally fun, loud, chatty, rowdy, and sleepless.

Here is a picture of me and my girls. We all agree that we should have spent less time worried about boys and concentrated more on us being friends. (Well, maybe Laura didn't - she married her high school sweetheart.) 20 years got quickly whisked away in one short weekend.

There was a great turn out nearly 150 out of 350. But there were so many people that weren't there that I wanted to see. So, here is my call-out list. If you know any of these people start hounding them for the next one (hopefully in 5 years!)

Lara Bennett, Amy Siler, Trent Campbell, Kris Flasch, Rosanna Villarta, Megan Mills, Ian Adkins, Atticus Sumner, Brandon Driscoll, Curt Stewardson, Anita Sheridan, Joy Powell, Doug Kope and Brian Kolin.

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