Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 125 - Game Time

I love it when I learn something and then can turn around and use it with my kids. At my tennis class today, we played a game that really kicked my behind. It was so fun I had to use it to get my kids up and running.

You will need about 4 balls per person. Put all of the balls in the middle of your playing area. Then come up with a "home base" for each player. At tennis we used our rackets, but at home we used a tote lid, a hula hoop, and a big frisbie. Spread the home bases evenly around the ball pool.

The goal is to get 4 balls onto your home base first. You can take a ball from the middle pool or from another player's home base. Stealing is key and makes it more fun. It turns it from a race into a strategy game.

You can put out less than four balls per person to make it more challenging (think of musical chairs.)

Luke and I played it with 2 players, the same amount of balls, but each of us tried to get 5.

Try it! It's so fun!

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