Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 137 - New Saying

Maria has bombarded me with the same phrase over and over and over today.

It goes like this, "Cool, huh?"

It's getting as bad as Luke's "What's that?" phrase that he uses constantly.

I'm glad the baby doesn't talk yet.


  1. LMBO. That made me giggle out loud!!!

    Davis always says my name first. Mom? And I can look right at him, and he will say it again. Mom??? And I have to answer before he'll speak. Every time. I like that he gets my attention, lol... but can't i just look up and pay attention???

  2. Love this. Simple and so to the point. David Robert has about 10 little phrases (and he does the "Mom?" thing too) but the one that kills me is "wha say?" when he doesn't quite hear me and then after I get done repeating the whole thing he'll go "wha say?"