Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 148 - Half Done

I FINALLY got a big special order sent off to Greece today. Now it's time to get my regular crafts finished up. Here's where I stand right now...

It's never to early to work on Christmas stuff. Never mind that it is 70 and sunny...These 5 little signs need to get prettied up some more. Then I get to take out my favorite power tool, the drill, for the finishing touches.

These are going to be the prettiest magnets ever. I'm just waiting to get my order of rare earth magnets in the mail so I can get them finished off.

When I get brave enough to face the epoxy, I'm going to put these beautiful stones I've polished onto bails and sell them as necklaces. They are going to be so pretty...someday.

I'm hoping the kids go to bed on time tonight and that I have a bit of energy left so I can get some work done.

1 comment:

  1. Those all look gorgeous! Love the butterflies...Great blog and nice work!
    Check out my blog if you are interested!