Monday, July 6, 2009

Days 120 - 123 Fourth of July Blur

Thank goodness Chris came home this weekend. Earlier this year we thought he wouldn't be able to leave California for the 4th. I was dreading getting on a plane with the 3 kids to visit him, even though we would have had a great time out there. Someday I really want to see Joshua Tree National Park. But I can wait.

It was a quick and fun weekend. Here are some of the highlights...

We went to his family's home in Illinois. Mother Nature delivered a wet and soggy day for the family party.
All the rain led to a cancellation of the fireworks show, so we had to make do with what we brought. The kids really didn't miss the big ones.

Today we went to Lake Michigan. We figured out the beach is the only place that Luke doesn't get in trouble. He loves building in the sand.

Maria, on the other hand, loves the water. We couldn't keep her out of it today.

It was Elise's first trip to the beach. She chilled out in the shade all day and cooed at the seagulls.

We got home and got Chris back to the airport for his return flight. So, now it feels like normal again. Except that Luke is crying about missing his dad. Hopefully that will subside.

I told him our family is like a puzzle with one piece is missing and if we are patient that last piece to the puzzle will show up before we know it.

I hate wishing away time, but I am really looking forward to this being over.

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