Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 147 - Pick Me Ups

Summer is beginning to feel like forever. It's been long and hard. Over the last couple of weeks though, the kids have been doing more play dates which help reduce the number of kids in my vicinity...but still it seems like I work 24/7.

So, I have to rely on little things to get ME through each day.

Today it was Sonic...a special splurge since it is 30 minutes away. I don't mind the drive though...the kids are all locked down and can't touch me.

I wanted one of everything...especially in the ice cream and slush department. I settled for a burger, tots, and a coke. The kids got awesome meals with a burger, a real banana and a slush. The toy was a big hit as well. I wish we had a Sonic closer to us.

So, with full tummies we drove to the farmer's market. I passed up on the yummy hip-spreading bread and instead bought my second splurge of the day - a bunch of fresh flowers.

Aren't they pretty?'s back to work. I have to figure out some dinner, fold some laundry, and put the dishes away...

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