Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 136 - Bored

We woke up bored here. So we did a project to get the day going. We make swirly crayons out of old crayons that I had sorted through last night in an effort to downsize the craft tub.

The first job was to peel the paper off and sort the crayons. The kids decided to do warm colors as one batch and cool colors for the other.

Then I put them into an old mini muffin tin. The oven was set at 250 degrees and they took about 15 minutes tops to melt.

I let them cool for a bit. Then I stuck the entire tray into the fridge. This seemed to help them pop out of the tray easily.

So, now we have swirly crayons to play with. Fun times.


  1. very pretty :) sounds like a good way to break the boredom for a while!

  2. It seems like such as simple thing, but I'm really amazed by this! Thank you for sharing. I may be an adult with no kids - but will try anything once hehe.