Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 129 - Market Day

My mom visited this weekend for the sole purpose of babysitting the kids while I sold my stuff at today's market. I felt strangely alone and mildly guilty driving away. I can't even remember the last time I was without at least one of my kids. But I got over that real fast.

I sold a nice mix of things today - tags, clipboards, signs, and cards. One lady came and bought 17 of my little post-it clipboards. That was a fun sale!

What was even more fun was seeing some people I knew at the market. Thanks to everyone who came down to shop!! Chatting away made the day go so fast and made me feel like a grown-up again.

I even had a little time to shop. For $42 I got a purse (by the famous Karin Schueller of A Window into Whimsy), some cute baby clothes from the mother of my favorite jewelry gal - Catherine Marissa, 2 dish scrubbies, and 3 photo cards. You can't beat the prices at these things!!

It was a perfect day. I hope I can do it again sometime soon.

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  1. A kid free day! Don't feel guilt Supermom, we all enjoy those once in a while! Looks like I missed a really good market! I will hopefully make it next week for Kid's Day!