Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Days 130 - 131 Obsession

I've fallen off the wagon with my blogging. Something better came along to distract me. In a word...it's Disney.

For the last few days it's all I've thought and talked about. What is it about that place??

There is a military deal going on until Dec. 23rd that is just too good to pass up, so we are doing it...Dad or not. (We'll go again when he returns in May 2010.)

I won't even tell you how good the deal is, because if you love Disney like I do, you'll end up hating me. It's really really awesome.

And for the crappy year that we've been thrown into - I guess we deserve it. Thanks Chris for letting me ride your coat tails on this one. You are such a good hubby and a great Marine!

I'll check back in this weekend after my trip to the beach which starts tomorrow.

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