Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 341 - Sleep

Last night was the first night in at least 18 months that I got a FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP. I didn't wake up once. I didn't have to pee or take a Tums (like when I was pregnant.) I didn't have to feed the baby or change a diaper. I didn't have to get anyone a glass of water. The baby didn't stir or fuss at all. I didn't leave my bed for 8 whole hours!! Amazing.

In other news, Maria lost that second tooth. Looks like the tooth fairy will be joining us again tonight. (That reminds me that I need to hit the ATM tomorrow. These people are breaking the bank with their teeth and their job charts.)

We spent the evening at Chuck E. Cheese tonight for a school fundraiser. It was 2 hours of pizza eating, token spending, kid chasing fun. And that leaves me just plain tired. Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed that the baby puts in another solid night of sleep!

1 comment:

  1. Wow. A full nights sleep. I can't even imagine. You deserve it, lady!