Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 366 - I Work Alone

I stewed for 24 hours about yesterday's tennis fiasco. But it only took a 10 minute walk with my friend Sarah today to give me a major revelation:

I am a single's player.

That's it! That is my life wrapped up perfectly.

I don't like depending on others. I don't like letting other people down. I like things my way. I like to be in control.

Even looking back on my sports of choice - swimming and track - I realize that I prefer to work alone.

But this is more about tennis or sports really. It is about how I tick. I think that is why I don't feel so vulnerable or lost without Chris around - because I am hyper-independent.

Despite all of that, I love it that Chris and I can both do our own thing, (run our own races so to speak), and yet still be a part of the team. Now, where's my trophy?

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