Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 365 - Learn to Say "No"

Today I had the unexpected misfortune of seeing my future Wimbledon hopes go down the drain. I know, a 38 year old novice at Wimbledon is laughable, but a girl can dream right?

Thursdays are usually "boot camp" day at the gym. After dropping off Luke at school, I drop the girls off at the play center and walk the track until my torture begins at 9.

While walking this morning, one of the tennis instructors caught me and said, "I left you a message this morning."


"We need a sub for the woman's double league today at 9. Can you do it?"


"Jason (my tennis instructor) said that you'd be fine."

"Um...Ok...I'll go get my racket."

And that is when my day went to the crapper.

First of all, I can't serve. I ended up with only 2 or 3 double faults, but still - my serves are weak compared to the Venus Williams wannabes on the other side of the net trying to take my head off with theirs.

Second of all, my racket shrunk today. Well, the part with the strings did. The rim on the other hand grew incredibly thick and the ball continuously thumped off the edge of it.

Lastly, the net would not allow many of my balls over it. It was being nice to everyone else though...stupid net.

Did I say lastly? Because I could really keep going...I felt like a fish out of water for sure.

But maybe it's good that I got that first stressful experience out of my system. I won't be so easy to convince the next time I'm heading off to boot camp.

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