Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days 361 - 364 - Time Well Spent

Chris just left after his "96". That's a 96 hour leave for all you non-military types. He will now be within reach (an 8 hour drive) and out of harm's way. We are getting close.

So what did we do all weekend?

Cleaning and throwing away stuff
Tax prep
More laundry
Went to the mall
Went out to lunch
Grocery shopping
More laundry
Watched "Up"
Watched "LOST" and some Olympics
Folded and put away laundry

(And after all of that work, I still have a bed full of laundry to fold and put away.)

The kids are loving all of the time with their Dad. Elise seems like she's never been without him. In fact today she blew right by me when we picked her up from the gym's day care. Instead, she ran over to Chris and grabbed his legs.

Luke and Maria loved having him home so they could wrestle with him and do crazy science experiments together. (Right now we have an egg sitting in vinegar in our kitchen windowsill. *Shivers with disgust.*)

I don't think there is any long term damage. Kids are so resilient aren't they? Chris and I need to iron out some parenting/discipline/management nuances, but that will come with time. It will all work out.

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