Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days 350 & 351 - Still Counting

We are about 24 hours away from seeing Chris. I think everyone in the world knows except for the kids. I decided not to tell them until we are on our way to the airport. Can you imagine the huge disappointment if something were to change?

We don't have any plans made for the weekend. I'm sure Chris will just want to hang out and play with the kids.

I've been so good at not over-planning (my usual way of doing things) that I've not planned a single thing. Not even a meal. Heck, I don't even have any groceries really. I thought about making bread pudding (the one that he says is better than his mom's), but that would mean I'd have to go shopping. And really, I don't have time!

Tomorrow, I have to be the room mom for Luke's Valentine's Party. I hope it goes smoothly. The girls are coming with me so it could get hectic. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the kids have a fun time and that the time goes by quickly!

Then tomorrow night, I am taking the three kids to Luke's wrestling tournament. Am I cRaZy??

The one thing I've learned about myself from all of these months is that, yes - I am crazy. Completely.

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