Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 349 - Bracing

We are having a pretty good snowstorm right now. By the end of it all we should see another 3-100 inches of snow.

So, in preparation of being snowed in for a couple of days, I took the girls to the grocery store to stock up on...donuts, cereal, and fried chicken. It doesn't get better than that!! We are set!

I really do hope we have a snow day tomorrow. The biggest reason is that I am the room mom for Maria's class and her Valentine's party is tomorrow. I think Monday would work out better for me. Pretty much it boils down to me not being done with the game for the party. It's just a candy walk (like a cake walk), so it won't take much time...but I am the queen of last-minute. Also, Chris can come to the party if it is on Monday...so it's not me being too selfish there.

Also, if there is no school tomorrow, I won't have to haul everyone to wrestling.

So come on snow...we are ready for you! We are ready for junk food and being lazy!

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