Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 358 - Giving Up

It's Lent. A footstep away from spring, and summer, and therefore bathing suit season. Gah!

After much consideration I came up with this list of things I am giving up until Easter:

1) Fast food (Oh, how I will miss you Arby's...but this will be a good thing, really.)
2) Donuts (These having been creeping into the house more frequently and it needs to stop!)
3) Coke (I am switching to Diet Coke instead - gag. This one will kill me the most, but I'll love the calories saved.)
4) MafiaWars (I am not going to whack anyone for a whole month.)

Things that were considered but didn't make the final cut were sweets and Bejeweled. I figured my kids would not want to live with a monster, so they had to be eliminated from the running.

The kids on the other hand are giving up video games on Thursdays. I think Luke is going to have some serious withdrawal issues with that...but so far so good.

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