Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 240 - Time Change

I remember back when "falling back" used to mean something. It was a night to more hour of sleep.

All that specialness is quickly thrown out the window when you have kids. Anytime you change a clock it means you have at least 2 days of being seriously messed up. The kids don't feel like going to bed when it's light, it's too dark in the morning to get up, it's too light in the morning to sleep, etc.

So, today...a day for sleeping in, grabbing that extra hour, the baby woke up at 6:30...5:30 new time. Ouch. The other 2 soon followed too...even though it was pitch black.

We took advantage of the dark morning with our extra light bracelets from Halloween. (15 for $1 at Micheal's.)

Does this mean the kids will go to bed early tonight?

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