Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 258 - Offers

Sometimes I think no one ever thinks about the situation our family is in. I really don't talk about it too much or try to get attention for it. I guess it just seems normal, and almost flawless.

It's not that I am trying to be super mom in any way. I am just being a stay at home mom with a husband who never comes home. Sometimes I have to be at three places at the same time and I have to figure it out. It would be that way whether Chris was here or not.

But lately, I've realized that people do think of us. The offers to help out are coming in which is nice. It makes me feel like our family and what we are doing for our country is appreciated.

We got an offer for Thanksgiving dinner from someone we only slightly know. He just wanted to be sure we had somewhere to go, and something yummy to eat.

We have an offer from Chris' co-workers to get the video camera things we need to get hooked up with Skype. Since I'm low on technology ability, having someone else figure it out will be nice. I hope someone on Chris' end will be able to help him out.

For the next few months I am looking for anyone who wants to take a girl or two off my hands while I take Luke to wrestling twice a week. Or even better...anyone want to take him for me? That stinky wrestling room is all man. All man.


  1. Sign me up Celene....I'll help anywhere I can...just let me know and I'll look at my schedule!

  2. Me too! What nights and what time is wrestling? I have a couple meetings coming up, but otherwise I'm pretty flexible. Let me know through FB, if you can.

    Btw, I picked up a APO Box today and we started making cards! It's a big box, I have invited some other MacNaughtonites to join in the fun!