Saturday, November 14, 2009

Days 250 - ?? Wow...I am behind!!

I guess you could say I went on a blogging vacation. Poor Chris - he finally gets his internet up and running and his wife duds out on him. I guess he can catch up on the last 8 months though.

I missed Wednesday 250
Thursday 251
Friday 252
Saturday 253.

Ok...I'm caught up now.

Here is a slight recap of the last few days.

Luke went to a new doctor, got a haircut, went to the dentist (no cavities) went to a wrestling night out and is on new meds.

Elise is walking up a storm. And figured out how to open the pantry catastrophes yet.

Maria got a huge goose egg on her head at school, went to a tennis night out at the gym, has been singing along to her headphones every chance she gets.

I have been crafting up a storm, got the Christmas lights out, and have been cooking like mad now that the in-laws are visiting.

That's about it. I'll blow the dust off of the camera next week and hopefully get back to my perkier blogging self.

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