Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 257 - Random Stuff

Today I dropped off half of my finished craft goodies to a house that will sell them for me during a tour of homes type of sale. Look at this place...I love it.

Most of all, I love this door. Chris...put that on my wish list for our next house, OK?

I had a lot of encounters with dead deer today. It is deer season I guess, but I still get taken off-guard when I see them strapped on top of cars and in truck beds. The cleaning lady told me today that her husband killed 2 and he processes them himself. She proceeded to tell me much more than I ever needed to know about that.

I ate 2 lunches today. The second one was at Sonic. I love those Blue Coconut Slushes.

I've been complaining (to myself mostly) that my XM radio expired again in the car. I'm addicted to it. Especially since the only decent radio station around here only plays about 10 different songs and about half of them seem to be by Nickelback. Ugh. Well, it turns out I still have it. 1st wave and Alt. Nation live on!

I'm getting good at tennis. I'm thinking about doing it twice a week instead of once. Watch out Wimbledon...

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  1. That door is awesome! Good luck at BTT!

    About 7 yrs ago I lived out in PawPaw for a few months. I had no car and really no neighbors. It was BORING. My roommates dad used to gut his deer in our yard and we'd help purely because we had nothing else to do. It's a learning experience I appreciated, but could've lived without knowing/seeing some of it!

    And XM -- love it! I'm a big fan of the Top 20 (which I always change when Nickelback comes on), Lithium, 50s & 70s, and Classic Vinyl. What did I do before XM?! Oh yeah... worked in radio and they were freaking out that satellite radio was going to ruin everyone! lol

    Well I certainly related to every bit of this post huh? :)