Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 278 - I'm Done

I've reached my breaking point. I'm so done with this. 5 more months, are you kidding me? And with winter right around the corner - my least favorite time of year - I am in a dreaded state of major funk.

So, if anyone wants 3 perfectly charming kids, they are up for grabs. I'm thinking about heading to a deserted island somewhere where there is a never ending flow of slushy drinks. No cleaning, no bills to pay, no cooking, no taxi service, no 5 am wake up calls, no kids sitting on top of me at any time, no meltdowns, no fighting, no Sponge Bob, no grocery shopping, no laundry, no light bulb changing, no floor scrubbing, no toys to pick up, no Baby Einstein, no recycling, no movie returning, no sock sorting, no diaper changing, nothing...


That is all I want for Christmas, please.

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