Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 285 - The Flip Side

I am far from super mom. (This is your feel good will feel good about yourself after you read this - trust me.)

I will only let you into my house on Wednesdays from 12 pm - 5 pm unless you give me at least a half hour's notice. Otherwise, bundle up and know that you're staying on the porch since my house is too messy to let you in. (Cleaning lady comes on Wednesdays...and the "look" only lasts until the kids get home.)

I brush the baby's four teeth every few days. (I need to get better at this...poor third child.)
She wears the same clothes until they get dirty. She's been known to wear the same thing 2-3 days. She's never worn shoes. And we watch Baby Einstein movies all the time.

My kids are picky eaters. Maria eats less veggies than I do. I think her short list consists of potatoes, corn on the cob, and a nibble of raw broccoli or a raw carrot. Luke won't eat any form of potato - not even a McDonald's french fry (which is probably a good thing.)

I'm terrible about reading to my kids. Shame on me since I was a 1st grade teacher all those years. We read the weekly library books, but finding time to sit down to do this is so hard. I see a New Year's Resolution here.

I spend too much time on Facebook, although it is less time than it used to be. I got in a bad habit while I was nursing and it's hard to shake. I especially do it at night while the kids are getting to sleep. (In my defense, I only watch 1 hour of TV a this might be a wash.)

There you go...some of my anti-supermom secrets. I delete the while thing and find something else to write? Or do I hit "publish post"? Aw...what the heck...


  1. Celene....I'm with you here! I keep having people tell me how they envy my organizational skills, but I can promise that if they could see my closets right now they would know that my online persona is only the best of me as well....I'm pretty sure there are skeletons in the far back that I'm not going to see until we move out of this house ;)
    NO ONE IS PERFECT, we all just want everyone to think we have it all together.

  2. Oh Celene, you are not alone! David won't eat any veggies aside from the rare nibble of raw broccoli and 3 kernels of corn. Apparently he told his preschool teacher that his dad is trying to poison him. His dad's always saying "just try it, I'm not trying to poison you!" LOL.

    I feel some New Year's resolutions coming on myself, but I don't know if I have the guts to admit my anti-supermom secrets! Thank you :)