Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 291 - Great Weekend

Today was a great, but busy end to the long, long weekend we just survived. The best part of the day was the annual cookie exchange down at the neighbor's house. What could be better than rowdy neighbor girls, shots served in chocolate shot glasses, and a table full of sugary goodness?

My cookies this year were easy. I made a chocolate chip cookie recipe but added tons of chopped up white chocolate pretzels and mini m&m's along with the chocolate chunks (forget those little bitty chips!) I think they were pretty tasty!

This is my haul. Chris is going to say as soon as he sees this picture "You might as well tape those cookies to your butt." Ha! I work out Chris...don't you know?

The other fun thing about today was making this video with my kids. My dad sent one to us earlier in the day. The kids loved it so much that they wanted to make another version with their dad in it. Click here to see it.

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  1. Oh ~ I totally forgot to mention the very, very best part of the day...but I save that one for later!!