Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 300 - 300!!

It's already day 300. 300 is sooo much better than 100, or 200. Only 100 more days (give or take a few) until Chris comes back to us for good.

To celebrate, I booked our reunion Disney trip/Disney cruise today. 2 trips in one year's time...why not? The kids are only little once, right?

Sorry to those around me who have to hear me go on and on about Disney. I know I am a little obsessed. And "little" might be not a strong enough word...


  1. 100 days to go!!

    You're kickin' ass Mama.

  2. WOW~~300 days!! I'm so happy you're all heading back to Disney~~and that Chris will be going along too!!! Please, keep on talking about your next Disney trip, that way I can visit the place vicariously through your family! lol