Thursday, December 17, 2009

Days 294 & 295 - Christmas Parties

Yesterday and today were dedicated to being the room mom to Luke and Maria's classes. Long lists of craft items, game components, and snacks filled my brain. Thankfully the parties are over and 40 kids are now satisfied with holiday party goodness.

Maria's class had a snack, then made 2 crafts and heard a story. Then we played a game of unwrapping presents. I had placed a dollar coin in a small box and wrapped it. Then I placed it in a bigger box and wrapped it, etc. until I had a huge box full of wrapped boxes. The kids got to take turns opening the presents until one lucky student got the prize.

Luke's class was doing a Christmas Around the World theme. We had a big snack, then did 4 crafts and games based on traditions in different countries. My station was frosting a sugar cone to make it look like a Christmas tree (which had a little German/gingerbread tone). Yummy, messy fun!

Valentine's day is only 59 days away. Time to start planning!

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