Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Days 292 & 293 - Gifts

I think it is now safe to reveal what Chris and I got each other for Christmas.

So, what did we send him?

He received a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, tuna fish, peanut m&m's, nuts, and a bunch of Clif bars. (Better than socks, huh?)

But this is what we got...

I got a tennis racket (by giving a big hint). I just could not be more excited about this.

Then today we got 2 big boxes from Iraq.

This is how we divided it up. I got to keep the Iraqi coins, the wooden jewelry box, the genie lamp (it didn't work - we all gave our 3 wishes anyways), and the marble cups.

Luke chose the marble chess set and the gold Jesus plaque (which Luke said he blessed and then prayed to).

Maria picked out the Iraq jewelry box and the wooden fan. That left Elise with the Dora "Operation Iraqi Freedom" camo backpack.

"Operation Overseas Gift Giving 2009" is pretty much complete.

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