Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 180 - Deployments

Deployments bring good things...for instance, it gave us Maria.
Maria is our war baby. We brought her home from the hospital 9 months to the day that Chris arrived home.

She is starting Kindergarten next week. Time sure does fly. But it also makes me realize how long this stupid war has been going on.

I have 2 things to say about that:

Our kids have never known life without our country being in a war.

Our kids (and our general population) don't really realize there is a war going on.

I don't think about war everyday, but I soon will be.


  1. I think about you often and admire how you cope with all of this. My son was born 3 weeks after my husband got home from his 2nd Iraq deployment. He starts school for the first time next week and his Dad is in Korea. I'm hearing rumors of a long deployment coming in 2011. This has been going on so long, I think about it far too much. Know that your family is in my prayers!

  2. Man. You're right though. So few of us are actually thinking about the war thats going on right now. I almost never think about it. But I bet I would be if Christopher was deployed. Ugh. I feel kind of ashamed of myself now? Thanks for posting this. I needed the reminder.