Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 207 - Precedence

Luke kept me up half the night (from 3:30 on) because he couldn't sleep. That totals me up with roughly 10 hours of sleep in the last two nights. I'm fried.

As tired as I was, I wanted to pack. Pack for Disney that is. I could've packed my bag weeks ago (especially since we haven't needed warm weather clothes around here since...oh, 2008.)

But, I am being a responsible business owner by working on the stack of tags which so patiently wait for me to finish them so they can go to Greece. The tags will get done and sent...then I'll pack. (Hopefully tomorrow?)

But first, the cleaning lady is coming...so I need to clean. You know how that is.

And that dress for the reunion still needs to be found...maybe a trip to the mall tomorrow...

Can someone make a clone of me? I'll make her do all the work...and then I can pack for Disney.

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