Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 198 - Love/Hate

My kids fight. Luke usually starts it by being annoying. Maria usually whines about whatever Luke is doing. On and on and on like that all day long.

But sometimes they are unbelievably nice to each other. And that usually takes me by surprise.

Last night was shower night. They were both told to check their bathrooms for towels BEFORE they started their showers. (You can see where this is going already, can't you?) Luke, of course started yelling immediately after turning off his water that he needed a towel. I was thinking that this was a perfect opportunity to have him figure it out himself. But, Maria rushed to the linen closet and pulled one out for him and delivered it. (That was nice...but he really needed to get his own towel.)

After hours of thinking how lucky Luke was to have such a nice and caring sister, it was his turn. The kids were outside on the swing set while I was inside making cookies. All of the sudden I could hear and see Maria on the ground crying. For the first time almost ever, I saw Luke come over to her to check on her. WOW! Turns out she tried to do the monkey bars by herself. She of course fell, and has since been told over and over how lucky she was that she didn't hurt more of herself than the little scrap she earned.

I think Luke had a little more to do with it...but for now, I'll treasure seeing him crouching over her giving her a little comfort.

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  1. I love moments like that. My big kids are only a year apart and many times it's like having a set of twins. They swing from fighting to adoring each other.