Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 194 - OOPS!

This morning we woke up at 5 am to take Chris to the airport. With the kids in pj's, we had lots of hugs and goodbyes at the curb, and then we drove away.

The next ten minutes went something like this...

(Maria sobbing uncontrollably)
Luke: "Maria you don't need to cry!"
(Luke starts to cry.)
Luke: "My heart is broken."
Maria: "My heart is broken too."
Luke: "I'm so sad my heart hurts."
Maria: "I'm so sad my blood hurts."
Luke: "I'm so sad my whole body hurts."
Maria: "I'm so sad my stomach hurts."
Luke: "I'm so sad my brain hurts."
Maria: I'm so sad my skin hurts."
Luke: "I'm so sad my bottom hurts."
(Insert about 50 more of these with everything imaginable...including "internal organs."

So, we took a quick side trip to Dunkin Donuts which made everyone perk up.

But after we got back on the highway, I felt the heavy doom of knowing I had forgotten to do something very important. I checked my wallet, and sure enough, it was still there - Chris' driver's license. Yesterday's hairy passport fiasco had made his license end up in my wallet.


And then of course, we had just dropped him off at the curb. If we had gone in and waited with him to check in we would've both realized it. I had a bit of relief knowing that he had a military ID to get himself on the plane. Of course he couldn't get a hold of me because I never have my cell phone charged up. (Another big fail.)

Other thoughts going through my head - "Will he be able to rent a car? Probably not. I think he has a ride. Maybe I can fax the license to the car rental place. I'll have to overnight the license to him. Does he have an address to send it to? I know he is going to leave my at least 2 grumpy "you failed me" messages." On and on the whole half hour back home.

I don't usually mess up, but this time I did a massive job of making his life more difficult.


  1. Um, he forgot too. :)

    You did not fail. You were worrying about your beautiful children, and the man you love, not silly little piece of plastic. :) Hugs.

  2. I agree with Karin!
    You had more important things to worry about. This can be fixed. He still can get where he is going.

  3. aw no...this isn't your fault. It's just what happened. Everything will get fixed. This is just another saga in your life together, something you will laugh at in the years to come.

  4. Not your fault. Everything will be fine.
    God bless you guys.

  5. Heck, don't blame yourself! You have so much that you stay on top of, a driver's license? Sure it's important, but he'll get it soon enuf :) My hubby takes my debit card on occassion and there I stand in the grocery checkout ready to pay! HA! Your kids are so precious, awwww...