Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 200 - 1/2 Way?

Are we there yet?

Today, despite it being a fairly easy and productive day, took a sharp turn for the worse when I took all 3 kids for Luke's yearly checkup. All 3 of them were off. And I mean off...as in wild. Wild. From the waiting room to the exit. Baby screaming, Luke pulling the paper on the table, Maria dressed up in paper that was previously torn off the table pretending to be a bride, my purse being dumped all over the floor...I'm going to stop describing it...my defense mechanism for trying to forget the whole ordeal might be compromised.

I couldn't tell if the doctor had the "get these people the hell out of here quick" look or the "I feel for you" look. I'm surprised he didn't write up a prescription for a little something-something for me...

October, November, December, January, February, March, April = 212 days
Days left in September = 8 days

The math is not working in my favor here is it? I guess we have 10 more days until we are at the half-way point. Crap...

(As a side note...today was the first day I told the Marine Corps to kiss my ass - in my head of course.)

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