Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 183 - Eggs

Luke and Maria are such opposite eaters. Everything Luke likes (eggs, nuts, beans, artichokes, pickles, mustard, olives, avocados) Maria does not. Maria's short list of watermelon is something Luke won't touch. That's pretty much turned me into a short order cook.

Luke loves eggs. Today, he had 2 for breakfast, and one more for his snack before bed.

He loves them sunny side down with a side of toast with homemade jam (to dip in the yolk of course.)

Tonight I made him a yummy fried egg sandwich. (It's so wrong that Maria won't eat one...they are so yummy!)

Fry up an egg, slap on some "cheese", and put it on some toast. I should have made one for me!

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