Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 202 - I'm a Dork

Between shopping with impatient children and my self diagnosed ADD, I made the biggest shopping blunder ever today.

I went to Lowes to buy indoor/outdoor carpet for this weekend's craft show. It is an outside show, and our spot is typically very dusty, so I thought this would help.

I expected to pay about $10. I had purchased some in the past and remember them having pre-cut rolls of them, but they were out of those this time of year.

So I found where they can cut them for any size you want. Indecisiveness set in. Green or brown? How many feet? This is what happens when there are too many choices.

The price tags (about 8 feet off the ground) made me very happy and I splurged for the brown since it was slightly more expensive. But for 53 cents a foot, I thought I was getting a GREAT deal.

It was after the nice guy happily cut off 8 feet for me that I re-read the sign. 53 cents a square foot. I let that soak in....square foot. Then I realized, a little to the right of the giant 53 there in little print was the $5.?? a foot. Well, crap.

So, I am the proud owner of $50 worth of brown indoor/outdoor carpet.

I need to go and craft now. I need to make some resemblance of a profit...

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  1. It'll be well worth it Celene! Our merchandise was filthy after Garfield Park. You'll use it over and over!