Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 163 - The Haul will not want to read this post.

You will not want to look at this picture either...

But I know you will anyway.

Fair warning... is my week's worth of stones I collected off of the beach. (Who's the greatest stone hunter now Dad, huh? I know you are going to look at this...)

This is 1/2 of what I picked up. The stones were everywhere. Insane. I never sat down. I nearly threw out my back... (Click on the picture for a close up!)

But is was so worth it. Every stone I picked up has a purpose now. Some will be turned into pendants. Some will be turned into magnets. Others will get placed on the birdhouses I make. The sea glass and petoskey stones will be stocked piled to sell. And the Leland blue, which was in abundance this year, will be saved for some unknown craft down the road.

The rock tumbler took last year off...but I have a feeling it's going to be running until the snow falls this year!

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