Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 168 - Pay it Forward

In the past 168 days we've had a lot of people do things that help us out. The grandparents have been great with babysitting to give me those much needed breaks. A few neighbors have kept our lawn looking good. One of Chris' co-workers helped with some landscaping.

So, for the past 168 days I've been trying to pay it forward. (When I catch them) I give the guys who mow our yard beer as "payment". I've cooked lasagna for laid off neighbors. I'm a sneaky on-line shopper who sends stuff unsuspectingly to others. We've tried to be more charitable with our money. I've tried to buy local and handmade.

Today I made the yummiest looking fruit salad for a neighbor going through a difficult time.

Now that I wrote all of that it sounds a little on the bragging side, but that is not the point.

First, I think we all need to do more things that help others around us. It's the whole karma thing.

Second, I need more ideas! I want to keep up my good deeds, but I am running dry! Any thoughts?


  1. Paying it forward is a great idea! so far you're doing lots of wonderful things :)

  2. I love you. That's all I can think of to say. You just rock. ;)

    Maybe you should do something for... YOU!

  3. Find a nonprofit and volunteer with them - United Way has a great online database.

    Send "thinking of you" note cards to random friends & family.

    Offer to get mail, water plants, or feed pets when neighbors are away for a weekend.

    Make mix tapes to express your feelings toward others. Okay - you can skip this one, lol.

  4. I've heard of someone at a drive-thru paying for the person behind them. That actually happened to my cousin's husband!

    You're a doll, Celene!

  5. Let someone with only a few items ahead of you in the checkout line.

    Sometimes at craft shows I give away a mini taggie or a crayon rollup to a little child that has an engaging smile or just touches my heart.

    Just little random acts of kindness

  6. You are so thoughtful (don't forget that you surprise virtual buddies with ice cream!).

    I just read a story about reverse pickpockets today (people that sneakily tuck money in other's pockets) and just got so excited to think about people doing things for others, since so much of our life is stories of me, me, me!

    As you clean out your house, maybe think of people that could use the things you want to get rid of & surprise giving books the kids have outgrown to their classrooms, etc.

  7. Celene, if you go by a parking meter that is expired drop a quarter in it. I am sure that there are a bagillion things that you can come up with.

    I do want to say that you and your man ROCK, I applaud any family that gives up their own to help defend our country. My dad was Navy, 1 uncle was Navy, 2 uncles were Army and a cousin is Army. I so know what you are going through. Hugs honey, and god bless you and your family.