Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 173 - Home Makeover (Part 1)

Tomorrow is the big day. The new closet shelves and racks are going to be installed. I am hoping this will solve some of our clutter problems. We outgrew this house too fast, and the "stuff" has taken over. No more. Tomorrow is a new beginning.

Here are some before pictures.

The mud room's closet. Coats, shoes, hats, paint, batteries, you name it...this was a major catch-all.

The mudroom closet as it looks tonight awaiting it's makeover. Empty!!

The girls' closet. Stuffed with dresses, games, books, and a chest full of stuffed animals. (I didn't take a picture today since the girls were asleep, but it is empty like the mudroom closet.)

The master closet. I had it 2/3 empty by the time I remembered to take a picture. Pretty much a square full of clothes, laundry baskets, and yes, that Hannah Montana guitar.

Empty. And painted. This color in real person looks like chocolate milk. It's so yummy. Look how gray our contractor "white" walls look next to it. They are going bye-bye too after I get some things organized.

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