Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 177 - Do Over

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was the day JFK Jr. was missing, July 17 1999. I had just flown from Alaska to Seattle with my aunt at the tail end of our poor man's Alaskan cruise (The Alaska Ferry). We met up my mom who had just flown in herself. The three of us had one day together before I headed back home.

We were slightly familiar with Seattle since we'd been out there a couple of times before. We were eager to find our favorite store. As we strolled up to it we noticed a sign on the door - "Last Day". Everything was priced as "make an offer". We were like kids in a candy shop. Too bad I didn't have a lot of spending money back then.

All of us look back on that moment as one we would love to relive. We should have bought more. People were bringing arm loads of things to the counter and said "$20" and the owner hardly even glanced at the product as she said, "OK." We were being careful, picky, frugal. I still remember what I bought that day (which wasn't much). I don't remember what I passed up...but I always wish I could have bought more.

Fast forward 10 today. I got my chance. Not in Seattle, but in a small scrapbooking store here going out of business. PAPER!! (I've never scrapbooked by the way...I just make stuff with pretty paper.)

Anyone who has seen my craft room knows that I don't need one more piece of paper, tool, ribbon, or embellishment. But, today as I shopped, I thought of that missed opportunity years ago...and I let the credit card fly to new heights. (That's 54 pieces of paper in the picture!!)


  1. Sound like fun! and something I'd love to do, too :)

  2. OMG you are so funny, a woman just like me ha ha!!