Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 178 - Tooth Fairy and First Steps.

Luke lost his third tooth yesterday. He ordered apple fries from Burger King and it popped right out.

In our neighborhood the toothfairy will reveal her color if you leave out a glass of water. She'll dip one of her wings into the water and then you'll know what color fairy visited. (I guess there are many of them working out there.) We had an orangy-red one visit us this time. (In the past we've had a blue one and a green one.)

In Elise news...she took her first step today. She stood up, balanced for a moment, and then when I reached out to her she took a big step. Lots of claps and smiles. When we tried it again she took a big step, lost her balance and wiped out big time and bopped her head on the floor. I think a rubber room would come in very handy in this house...

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